Advance Sustainability in Your Organization

Futurewise Partners empowers companies and asset owners to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability and reporting. 

We transform challenges into sustainable growth opportunities.

Stay one step Ahead in the Sustainability Landscape

Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Dynamic Regulations

Constant changes strain resources for efficient compliance

Rising Customer Expectations

Scrutiny on greenwashing, certifications sought, emissions data requirements increase.

Funding Implications

Banks seek validated reduction plans, challenging access to sustainable funding.

Expanding Scope

Increasingly includes biodiversity, social, and governance issues, requiring strategic integration.

"The success of an operation lies in its preparation".

Sun Tzu

Our Solutions

Tailored Solutions for Sustainability

From identifying your key sustainability topics to a full strategy, we offer custom solutions to match your exact needs.

Strategy and Reporting

Sustainability as Competitive Advantage

ESG Funding Guidance

Streamline Your Path Through ESG Requirements

Circular Economy

Enhance Efficiency and Foster Innovation

Workshops & Trainings

Empower Your Team for Tangible Business Outcomes

Experience & Passion

With 25+ years of combined business acumen and ESG/sustainability expertise, we are entrenched in the ecosystem, driving positive change with dedication and passion.

Engaged in workshops, discussions, and leading by example, we make sustainability more than just a job; it's our purpose. The time to act is now, and we'll stand beside you, providing tailored solutions to accelerate your sustainable future.

Our Mission

At FutureWise Partners, we empower companies and asset owners to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability and reporting. We transform challenges into sustainable growth opportunities through our four key service offerings: Sustainability Strategy, ESG Funding guidance, Circular Economy, and Workshops & Trainings. Additionally, we are committed to nurturing the ecosystem by participating in working groups and creating accelerators for the sustainability transition.

Secure tomorrow: take sustainable action now

We uniquely combine business acumen and ESG/sustainability expertise

“Those who excel at solving difficulties solve them before they arise.”

Sun Tzu

Meet Our Team

Sandrine Ramboux

Sustainability & ESG Strategy Partner

CFA Charterholder, Certificate ESG investing, GRI certified sustainability professional, licensed as unternehmensberatung in Austria.

Ergem Senyuva Tohumcu

Sustainability & ESG Strategy Partner

Climate Leader Trained by Al Gore, Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership Certificate, Sustainability Marketing, Supply Chains & Strategy

Ecosystem Builder

Your Source for Industry Knowledge and Solutions

We stay current through active memberships and ecosystem initiatives, connecting you to industry insights and specialised knowledge.

Transition Accelerators for SMEs

Empowering SMEs for Sustainability

Sustainability Working Groups

Setting the Standards

Thought Leadership & Engagement

Amplifying Our Sustainable Voice

Ecosystem Catalysts

Facilitating Sustainable Investments

FutureWise partners support you in your certification process

Highlight your commitments

You’d like to get a net-zero validation, obtaining Ecovadis certification, or pursuing B Lab certification for B Corp status ?

Certification guidance

We collaborate with your team to identify the most suitable sustainability reporting and certification pathways for your organization. Our guidance ensures alignment with your goals and values.

Are you Ready to Act?

We have the tools and knowledge for a sustainable future. 

The next step is yours.

FutureWise Partners

FutureWise Partners is a boutique pioneering consulting firm dedicated to fostering a sustainable and regenerative future.

Our vision is a world where corporations and asset owners transition their operating models towards a regenerative future – a future where business practices and societal progress harmoniously regenerate and restore the environment and communities.


Our Sustainability Report

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