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Eva and Sandrine At Climate Lab

Meet Our Team

At the core of our consultancy is a team with deep expertise in sustainability, ESG, and strategic decision-making. Our collective background enables us to guide organisations through the intricate landscape of sustainability, delivering impactful outcomes

Sandrine Ramboux, CFA

Sustainability strategy and ESG Partner

With over two decades of experience and mindset in finance and sustainability, Sandrine specialises in crafting sustainable strategies that align with your organisation's goals. 

Her unique background combines financial expertise with a passion for sustainability, making her a trusted advisor in developing and implementing strategies for a regenerative future.

CFA Charterholder
CFA ESG investing
Certificate GRI certified Sustainability Professional
Ergem Senyuva Tohumcu

Ergem Senyuva Tohumcu

Sustainability strategy and ESG Partner

Ergem is driven by a clear mission: guiding businesses in integrating core principles of a 'regenerative, climate-friendly economy' into their operations and investment strategies, including impact investing. Her extensive experience in supply chains, sustainability marketing and strategy, coupled with her dedication to sustainability and global network makes her a valuable asset in shaping sustainable strategies for a regenerative future.

Climate Leader Trained by Al Gore, Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership
Sustainability and Climate Risk Certificate from GARP
Certificate in Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience by the SDG Academy

Eva Amon

Sustainability strategy and ESG Partner

Having dedicated her entire career to sustainability, Eva spent the last 14 years in various roles. She consulted large companies in the Middle East, worked with start-ups on climate innovation at Climate-KIC, and embedded ESG in financial markets at WWF Austria. As a RegenIntel fellow, she’s committed to offering clients the best available solution for their sustainability challenge.

Master degree in Environmental Engineering and management
Climate Launchpad winner
Program Manager at Climate Kic
RegenIntel fellow

Solution Partners

Receive the most complete solution. We coordinate and tap into an extensive network of leading professionals in various sustainability sectors, eliminating the need for you to juggle multiple experts

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Deep Expertise

Our team members are highly skilled professionals combining strategy background with being passionate advocates for sustainability. We have a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics and we know how to communicate it clearly and easily

Customised, Actionable Solutions

We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We take the time needed to to understand your goals and challenges, crafting customised sustainability strategies that fit your organisation's unique circumstances.

Global Network

With extensive connections in the world of sustainability, impact investing, and sustainable business, we can connect you with experts, organisations, and resources to support your sustainability journey.

Results-Driven Execution

We prioritise timely and high-quality execution, ensuring that your sustainability objectives are achieved.

Long-Term Vision

Sustainability is a long-term commitment, and our vision extends far into the future. We help you plan for sustained success in your sustainability endeavours, aligning with your long-term objectives.

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FutureWise Partners

FutureWise Partners is a boutique pioneering consulting firm dedicated to fostering a sustainable and regenerative future.

Our vision is a world where corporations and asset owners transition their operating models towards a regenerative future – a future where business practices and societal progress harmoniously regenerate and restore the environment and communities.


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