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Sandrine Ramboux & Ergem Senyuva

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The Pioneers Behind FutureWise Partners

Discover the distinct paths and united visions of our founders, Sandrine Ramboux and Ergem Senyuva Tohumcu, as they build FutureWise Partners.

Ergem Senyuva Tohumcu

Ergem Senyuva Tohumcu

Circular Economy Advocate 

Ergem’s career path started in finance and her journey with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project led her to work on renewable energy, solar energy, carbon markets, and energy financing. In 2011, she founded Turkey's first sustainability platform, Yesilist.com, which reaches over 2 million people annually. 

Ergem has been collaborating with companies to create sustainability strategies, focusing on circular economy principles and sustainable supply chains. While immersed in the world of corporate sustainability, Ergem discovered the increasing significance of ESG factors in how investors assessed companies and their impact. 

She is convinced that business and investment strategies are vital catalysts while mitigating and adapting climate change and environmental challenges we face.

Sandrine Ramboux

Strategist for Sustainable Impact

Sandrine's career reflects her remarkable adaptability and determination. Beginning in investment banking, she developed a keen ability to listen to clients, creatively solve problems, and deliver timely results. During this time, she gained insights into the environmental and social impacts of financial projects.

Her career took a meaningful turn when she transitioned to support vulnerable women in financial literacy and entrepreneurship in Turkey, enhancing her stakeholder management skills and goal-oriented leadership.

Now based in Austria with a focus on ESG Investing, Sandrine merges her financial expertise, knowledge of ESG investing, and commitment to social responsibility with strong leadership skills. This combination equips her to offer an unparalleled approach to sustainable growth.

Her diversified experience makes her a trusted partner in crafting your organisation's sustainable future.


Our vision is a world where corporations and asset owners transition their operating models towards a regenerative future – a future where business practices and societal progress harmoniously regenerate and restore the environment and communities. 


At FutureWise Partners, we empower companies and asset owners to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability and reporting. We transform challenges into sustainable growth opportunities through our four key service offerings: Sustainability Strategy, ESG Funding guidance, Circular Economy, and Workshops & Trainings. We are committed to nurturing the ecosystem by participating in working groups and creating accelerators for the sustainability transition.

Core Values

We are committed to sharing our expertise in a collaborative, and people-centred approach towards creating a sustainable future.

Mission First

We are fully committed to creating a sustainable future. We take no shortcuts, and we have zero tolerance for greenwashing. We carefully vet all our clients and suppliers to ensure that their intentions are aligned with our vision.


Collectively, we bring over 15 years of experience to our work. We prioritise continuous education and active participation in expert communities. To this end, we earned certifications such as the ESG Investing certificate from the CFA Institute, the GRI Certified Sustainability Professionals Certificate, and the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains from Cambridge University.


We believe in the power of networks and partnerships to grow ourselves and our communities.This is also why we actively participate in networks such as the ESG Knowledge Lab, the Climate Lab, and the GRI community.


Stakeholders, including clients, partners, consultants, and experts, are pivotal to our mission's success. While we formalise accountability mechanisms, our agile structure fosters transparency. By actively valuing feedback, we enhance decision-making alignment, ensuring effective responses to challenges.

Embracing Uniqueness

Embracing unique viewpoints, communication styles, and work approaches is not just a choice; it's the bedrock of our sustainable journey. In our human-centred environment, we cultivate an atmosphere where every voice matters and where human rights are respected. We extend these principles to our clients and suppliers, ensuring long-term success and resilience for all.

Our Memberships and Participation

At FutureWise Partners, we are proud to be affiliated with organisations and networks that share our commitment to sustainability and regenerative practices.

Since 2023, FutureWise Partners has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

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FutureWise Partners

FutureWise Partners is a boutique pioneering consulting firm dedicated to fostering a sustainable and regenerative future.

Our vision is a world where corporations and asset owners transition their operating models towards a regenerative future – a future where business practices and societal progress harmoniously regenerate and restore the environment and communities.


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