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Our ecosystem building initiatives serve to mobilise businesses, municipalities, and stakeholders toward achieving collective, meaningful progress in sustainability

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We stay current through active memberships and ecosystem initiatives, connecting you to industry insights and specialised knowledge.

Executive Program for SMEs

Empowering SMEs for Sustainability

Sustainability Working Groups

Setting the Standards

Thought Leadership and Engagement

Amplifying Our Sustainable Voice

Ecosystem Catalysts

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Sustainability Ready Executive Program for SMEs

Empowering SMEs for Sustainability

The Crucial Role of SMEs in Sustainability

SMEs serve as the economy's backbone and play a crucial role in the value chains of major companies. Their role in adopting sustainable practices is therefore pivotal, both for driving economic prosperity and advancing the broader sustainability agenda. Limited resources can limit SMEs navigate the transition effectively. This is where FutureWise Partners steps in.

Bridging the Gap: Accelerators for Sustainable Transitions

In partnership with financial institutions, corporations and municipalities, we create Transition Accelerators. These structured modules are designed to equip SMEs with the tools and knowledge they need to create their own sustainability roadmaps and set actionable objectives. 

Each accelerator cohort comprises 20-30 SMEs, all represented by their top executives to signify commitment and ensure successful execution.

Unlocking Value through Sustainable SMEs: who benefits from it?


Improve economic robustness and ensure local business compliance by integrating sustainable practices in SMEs.

Financial Institutions

Enhance the sustainability and risk management of your lending portfolios by providing SMEs with the necessary knowledge and tools.

Corporate Supply Chains

Ensure preparedness  for sustainability standards  in your value chain to manage environmental and social impacts effectively and report on these measures with clarity.


Sustainability Working Groups

Setting the Standards

We initiate and engage in specialised working groups to clarify sustainability's complexities while contributing to policy and standard development.

We initiate and engage in specialised working groups to shape sustainability  complexities while contributing to policy and standard development.

ESG Knowledge Lab

Initiated in collaboration with the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, the ESG Knowledge Lab is a members-only platform to enable knowledge sharing, research, and action towards sustainable collective action.

Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series are quarterly online sessions hosted by subject-matter experts. They delve into specific ESG issues, facilitating deep discussions and knowledge exchange. Each series culminates in participant summaries, thereby documenting the process and promoting the dissemination of critical insights.

SDG4 Business Task Force

FutureWise Partners is participating as observers in the SDG4Business Task Force, an initiative of the UN. Working alongside global organisations like UNIDO and the World Economic Forum, the aim of this initiative is to broaden SMEs' access to essential training modules.


Thought Leadership and Engagement

Amplifying Our Sustainable Voice

By participating in events, we actively shape and stay abreast of the latest sustainability trends, ensuring our strategies are informed and influential.

Purposeful Presence

Committing time and resources to attend leading events is crucial for collaboration and cross-pollinating ideas and partnerships. We carefully choose events that align with our mission and offer substantial opportunities to amplify our impact and fast-track sustainable progress.

Active Engagement

Each event is a chance to embrace new perspectives, stay abreast of emerging trends, and intertwine our journey with the unfolding narrative of global sustainability. These experiences enrich our understanding and invigorate our purpose, reinforcing the vital role of collective wisdom in our quest for change.

Amplify Impact

Beyond networking, we step into the spotlight with intent. By sharing our insights on the stage, we extend our reach, challenging ourselves and others to hasten the sustainable transition. It's not merely about being seen; it's about being impactful and driving the conversation forward.

Speaking Engagement: 

2023.11 - Wolves summit - Austria: panelist on Climate tech's crucial role in shaping tomorrow

2023.12: COP28 UAE: Speaker on the decarbonisation of value chain


Ecosystem Catalysts

Facilitating Sustainable Investments

We connect start-ups with investors through our wide network, facilitating meaningful partnerships.

Accelerating Innovation

Startups in the sustainability space are pivotal for the green economy transition, but scaling up is a significant hurdle. They need capital to grow, and while the innovations are ready, access to financial resources is often challenging.

Investor Insight

Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms are aware that their investments have the power to accelerate the transition to sustainability. Finding the right startups and comprehending their full potential from a sustainability perspective can be challenging without the right connections and understanding of the sector.

Strategic Connections

We are positioned at the nexus of technology and capital, offering a robust network and keen insight into sustainable ventures. We facilitate swift and strategic introductions, empowering investors and startups to push the boundaries of innovation and market readiness.

Seeking strategic connections to drive progress?

FutureWise partners support you in your certification process

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You’d like to get a net-zero validation, obtaining Ecovadis certification, or pursuing B Lab certification for B Corp status ?

Certification guidance

We collaborate with your team to identify the most suitable sustainability reporting and certification pathways for your organization. Our guidance ensures alignment with your goals and values.

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FutureWise Partners is a boutique pioneering consulting firm dedicated to fostering a sustainable and regenerative future.

Our vision is a world where corporations and asset owners transition their operating models towards a regenerative future – a future where business practices and societal progress harmoniously regenerate and restore the environment and communities.


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